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Questions you should ask yourself

Questions you should ask yourself

The following questions you should ask yourself if you are willing to improve your accommodation business. The best practice to receive the best results is to write the answers to each question down and follow up on the points.

1. Did I look through all of my bad and good ratings on OTAs?

2. Did I write down what my guests love and hate about the accommodation?

3. Did I improve the unpleasant areas that have been brought up by my guests?

4. Did I start to emphasize the awesome areas my guests mentioned?

5. Did I communicate all vital rating topics to my staff?

6. Do my staff take care of these sensible topics?

7. Do I have regular staff meetings?

8. Do I talk regularly one on one with a staff member?

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9. Do I listen to my staff?

10. Do I ask my staff if they have any ideas to improve the business?

11. Do I integrate the ideas of my staff?

12. Do I reward staff members with great ideas?

13. Do I motivate my staff enough to keep on doing their job thoroughly?

14. Do I motivate my staff the right way?

15. Do I try to build guest relationships on a regular basis?

16. Do I obtain enough new information about the hotel industry to stay up to date?

17. Where can I decrease costs?

18. Where can I make some more profit?

19. Which other services can I offer my guests that they would appreciate?

20. Which services do not make any sense?

21. Do I observe my competitors enough to stay ahead of them?

22. How do my guests perceive my accommodation?

23. What is the first impression that most of my guests obtain while walking through the main entrance?

24. How can I create a lasting impression?

25. How can I tell an impressive accommodation story to my guests that will stick for years to come?

26. How do I create an experience that my guests will love to remember?

27. Do I have a hotel info map available in each room?

28. Do I have a city map available in each room?

29. Is the Wi-Fi the fastest that I can offer my guests free of charge?

30. Do I have enough parking spots available? If not - what can I do?

31. What do I have to do to become the best accommodation in my town?

32. Do I know where I want to be with my business in five years?

There are many more questions that you can ask yourself to improve your business. However, it is important that you start answering them now. Take action and make a difference in your business. Leave me your questions down below and I will add them to the list.

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