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Impress your guests with your awards

Impress your guests with your awards

Why should you impress your guests with awesome awards you’ve obtained? Does it make a difference?

Awards that you receive for your accommodation business are exciting and appealing to everyone who sees them. An award is much more than a piece of paper that a grade is written on. A great award for your business demonstrates passion, focus, responsibility, talent and consistency to aim for the best.

An award is not common. It is special! An award for great performance is not provided every month to you. For instance, only provides awards once a year. In addition, not every accommodation that is listed on the platform receives an award. Only properties that have a review score average of 8.0 and above are granted these special awards.

If you’ve received such awards or any other that shows how dedicated you are to your business, then it is time to make them visible. Get them out of the basement!

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Why?! There is no question about it that awards show off how great you are doing. Awards confirm the thoughts of your guests that they made the right decision to stay in your accommodation. Awards promote trust, security, professionalism and great guest experiences. Have in mind that the grade comes together through a combination of various factors that your guests experienced in your accommodation.

1. Cleanliness

2. Comfort

3. Location

4. Facilities

5. Staff

6. Value for money

7. Free Wi-Fi

Presenting your award to your guests demonstrates that you are eager and willing to make your guests feel comfortable and provide a home away from home for them. An award presents that the majority of your guests that stayed in your accommodation appreciated your efforts and are happy to share it with the world. Your previous guests took the time to give you their feedback and should honour it. A great feedback is massive and unique. It strengthens your work, it motivates your staff, and it acknowledges what you have been doing to keep your business running on high level. A great feedback should make you and all of your staff proud of yourselves. It even has huge amounts of potential to make you more bold to test new strategies to serve your guests more. Great feedback following one after the other should empower your self-confidence to take unfamiliar paths to expand your business or to think outside the box.

An award between 8 and 9 points is a confirmation that you are doing almost everything correct in your business. Let your guests know about it. Your guests should know who serves them.

There are more reasons for why you should show off your awards than the ones I mentioned above. A well-positioned award that is viewable for all people in the accommodation reminds your guests to give you feedback after they check-out. The guests realize that they make a difference by giving you feedback for your performance. The guests understand that they are providing value to your business. Nowadays, feedback / reviews on products / services have a huge influence on purchase decisions. By and large, it is mind-blowing how many people book a room in a hotel due to recent reviews. In fact, the reviews of guests say more than a beautiful website. A review of an accommodation gives insight and makes the place more vivid.

In short:

• An award is not just a number - there is much more behind it

• An award is very powerful - you worked hard for it

• Show off your awards!

• Be proud and be bold!

• An award reminds your current guests to leave a feedback

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