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How to let your guests be a part of your future projects

How to let your guests be a part of your future projects

Let us imagine that you are eager to integrate a new gadget in each of your hotel rooms but you are not sure about it yet. You asked your staff and pondered a lot about it.

However, if you do not want to make a false investment and you want to be certain that the majority of your guests will appreciate your new gadget, then you can do the following:

Let your guests be a part of your future. Your guests will appreciate this a lot and they will be curious as well. If you ask your guests about their opinion on how to improve a certain service, they will not dismiss the opportunity to provide their input for your business. Certainly, some people will be surprised by that question and need time to come up with a good answer. Nevertheless, there are people who have thought about improvements beforehand and they are just waiting for such an opportunity.

There are various ways in which you can ask your guests about your future plans.

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1. Via social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube

2. Via email

3. Via a short quiz

My favourite tool to get to know what my guests think about a certain topic is a quiz. You can easily combine a quiz with social media.

As I explored in one of my intro videos to my Pimp My Hotel Tutorial, you can set up a quiz for your guests that pops up as soon as your guests connect to your Wi-Fi. This tactic works perfectly well and you can also collect email addresses for your follow-up emails.

Through a quiz you will receive enough answers to make up your mind and decide whether to implement the new gadget or not. That is one of the best ways to ensure your success.

In this regard, I want to emphasize another marketing strategy that is quite necessary to bind your guests with you and your business even more. Let your guests know about projects that you are already running or that are in your pipeline. For instance, if you are establishing a new hotel / apartment, you should let your guests be a part of it. Share your progress, send pictures to them, inform them of how many rooms you will offer, let them know about the amenities and so on. Do not wait to inform them until the new accommodation business is ready, as that would be way too late. Use the time of the construction to take pictures, post the pictures on social media, make videos of the progress and create excitement. For sure, you will be very excited to open the doors of your new hotel, but how about your guests? I believe they will be excited too and they will be eager to see it in front of them. By informing your guests about small or big projects that are in direct connection with you, you are deepening the relationship with them.

Imagine having a huge family that is curious about your plans and achievements!

In short:

• Let your guests be a part of your future

• Use quizzes to make decisions

• Post your quiz on social media

• Inform your guests about your new projects

• Create excitement

• Imagine having a big family that supports you

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