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How birthday wishes increase your visibility

How birthday wishes increase your visibility

Do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Do you think your guests love to celebrate their birthday?

A birthday is a very special day. It is unique to oneself and only occurs once a year. A birthday gets really special when people celebrate together, such as family, close friends and friends of friends. If you want to be a part of your guests’ birthday then do not hesitate to send them nice wishes. Best practices for sending wishes are:

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• An email

• A postcard

• A package

• An SMS

• A WhatsApp Message

If you want to stand out from the many companies that are already providing this service automatically, then make a personal call and in addition send a gift (discount / honeymoon suite).

I usually receive birthday wishes from my gym but I know my dates are just entered into a system that sends these wishes automatically. Knowing that makes these messages unproductive. However, it would be awesome if my gym would grant me one hour with a personal trainer. That would make much more sense and I would be really thankful.

Years ago it was nice to receive such messages, but today people expect more than that. If you send out wishes you are doing a great job, but if you add more to it you are extraordinary and your guests will absolutely keep you in mind. Imagine what happens if you give away your best suite for one day free of charge and you let your guest know about it by calling them. The lucky one will certainly tell this story to everyone and you just increased your brand awareness. That is how you can create stories that are made to last and that are special to everyone involved.

Sending birthday wishes is a nice way of bringing up memories of your services in people’s mind. However, use this strategy wisely otherwise you will annoy the person.

If you do something - do it right, and add something special to make it even more perfect!

In short:

• Sending birthday wishes is advantageous

• Adding a special gift to a birthday wish makes it wonderful

• You create a word-of-mouth marketing campaign

• Your guests will remember you

• As soon as the lucky one checks in, take pictures and post them on social media

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