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Increase direct bookings by bundling products and more

Increase direct bookings by bundling products and more

Your website is your digital business card and it should be one of your best-converting access points as well. There are various questions you need to ask yourself to find out why you receive more reservations through online travel agencies instead of your website.

1. What is the difference between an OTA and your website?

2. Why do people not book directly? Does my website transmit enough trust?

3. Are my offered prices on OTAs and my website the same?

4. Is my website up to date?

5. Is my website attractive?

6. Do my website buttons work smoothly?

7. Did I list all of my USPs?

8. Do I need better pictures?

Let’s start with these questions to obtain an overview of where improvements can be made.

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You need to have a “connection” with the guest if you want to ask their help. I am not going to ask the first guest who is checking out early in the morning if they want to support my goals. I am patient and I wait for the right moment to ask. Sometimes I am waiting for weeks until I get to know a guest who is a perfect fit for a feedback-video.

When I start talking to a guest and realize that we are having a real conversation and are not just engaging in some small talk, I consider asking him sooner or later to be interview by me. Of course, the guest that you are going to ask to be in a feedback-video should have stayed in your hotel for at least two nights. In addition, he should be 100% satisfied with your services.

Having feedback videos on your website is a great way to convince people to make a reservation. They provide the audience an additional point of view of your hotel. Approximately more than 75% of hotel websites contain pictures of their rooms. But how many of these hotels offer feedback videos of their guests?

Feedback videos are authentic. They give the viewer a real opinion, which, most of the time, is responsible for the next step the viewer takes. In this case, the potential guest probably calls your hotel or makes a reservation without hesitation. The video convinced the viewer and dropped all doubts.

Furthermore, I need to mention that sitting together with a guest in front of a camera and asking him questions about a hotel’s services is just awesome! It is a lot of fun and long-lasting guest relationships are created immediately. I am remembering some of my last feedback videos right now—they have been really funny and successful.

If you are too shy to stand in front of a camera, then just record your guest and ask him questions while you are standing behind the camera. That is acceptable as well. Have in mind that viewers are curious and love to see the person in charge for taking the video as well (the manager).

If the viewer arrives at your hotel, then he would know you already to an extent. He wouldn’t feel like a total stranger to you and the place. Maybe he’ll even mention that he saw you in a video online. This is an opportunity to start a conversation and break the ice.

Hopefully, you can see where this is going. It is similar to a domino row. If you start to shove one piece, the next will follow automatically.

Thus, if you start to make your first feedback video and you post it on YouTube / a website, then the next big thing (possibly unexpected) will become reality.

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