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How to work with independent hotels together

How to work with independent hotels together

If you are managing a boutique hotel and you are seeking a method to increase your appearance on the net, then you will like the following strategy to become more known around the world.

Let’s imagine your hotel is located in Germany and you would love to have more Spanish guests in your house. Perhaps you speak Spanish and you enjoy talking in Spanish with your guests. So what do you do to attract more Spanish people?

The obvious answers are that you use Facebook Ads or AdWords and you target Spain. This is a simple, effective move, but it is an investment too.

How about a marketing strategy that does not cost anything other than time to make two phone calls and write three emails?

I am talking about a marketing partnership. A marketing partnership set up with the right partner that serves the same target group as you do is like discovering a goldmine. Let me explore it in detail so you can set up a marketing partnership right away.

For instance:

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- Your hotel is located in Germany

- You would love to welcome more Spanish guests

- You look for a similar hotel to yours on the net that is located in Spain - a hotel that has a rating of 8.8 or higher on and HRS. Be sure you select the right hotel that shares the same values as you.

- You call the hotel, introduce yourself and ask for the hotel manager

- If the manager is not there ask for the direct email address

- You explain in detail your desire to establish a marketing partnership that looks as follows:

Marketing Partnership Details:

You advertise the Boutique Hotel which is located in Spain in your own hotel:

- With flyers at the reception

- In your Hotel-Info-Map

- In the rooms

- With pictures of the hotel in the breakfast room

- While you make small talk with your guests

- In your emails that you send to your potential new guests

- On your website - link sharing

- Maybe you even fly to the boutique hotel in Spain and make a video of how beautiful it is. You post this video on your website too. In this way you build trust.

First and foremost, while you do the pitch mention the advantages that your partner gains. The potential marketing partner does not want to hear the benefits that you gain out of this deal; instead the partner wants to hear what they will gain, although both gains will be the same if both are promoting each other. No money is involved in this partnership. You only send your flyers, pictures, link to your new marketing partner to Spain and the hotel manager over there does the same. As soon as you receive all the details, you place them and implement them in the right places.

In fact, it is a one-on-one exchange. You provide your marketing tools and the hotel manager in Spain does the same.

The advantages for both hotels will be an increase in reservations. Guests that have already had a nice experience in one of the hotels will not hesitate to make a reservation in the other hotel because they’ll believe that it is as nice as the one in which they stayed. The positive halo effect comes into play as well.

This marketing strategy has many positive outcomes if both parties are eager to invest the same effort into the partnership. There is nothing to lose. Promoting each other in the same way will definitely increase the interest of current guests to visit the other countries and stay at the promoted hotel.

Advice: The simpler the marketing partnership is, the more you will enjoy the results. Therefore, forget about commissions and tracking guests, etc. Commissions and tracking guests make everything complicated and confusing. At the end you even have to sign a contract. Thus, keep it simple and straightforward. Only exchange marketing material, analog and digital, and that’s it. You do not need any more to start a simple marketing partnership to increase occupancy.

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