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How to use startup companies for your hotel business

How to use startup companies for your hotel business

There are many startup companies that are trying to be noticed and gain more exposure. In order to make your accommodation business more attractive and offer your guests special items that are not widely accessible on the market yet, a perfect strategy is working with a startup company.

There are various startup companies out there that create fantastic products. Some of these companies lack exposure, backers, the right influential connections to reach the next level, and of course customers - those that are willing to test their products and even buy them.

If you raise your hand and offer your accommodation to startup companies to work with you by providing space in your lobby or even in the rooms to present their products, then you actually support the the startup company in a big way, your guests by showing them new and useful gadgets, and your own business too.

To emphasize the massive value that is standing behind this strategy, let’s have a look at each step that needs to be taken to establish a successful joint venture.

1. Look for a startup company that creates products that are interesting and useful in regards to your guests.

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2. Contact the startup company and let them know about your interest in their products. Explain the opportunity to grow and reach a targeted audience if a joint venture is established.

3. If everything is set and the products are presented in your lobby, it’s time to crush it. In general, most people are curious, so if people see something they have never seen before they want to know what it is. Hence, your guests will approach the gadget, look at it, observe it, and maybe even ask your staff questions about it.

4. People will talk about the gadget with their colleagues and peers. Certainly, they will mention where they have seen it. The location and a never seen gadget go one by one. Accordingly, you improve your image and many more people will get to know your brand name.

5. Perhaps some of your guests will be willing to purchase the gadget on the spot. Thus, you would receive a commission and increase sales. An additional income channel is built simply by offering products from a startup company.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. The startup company receives more exposure and has the opportunity to make sales. Your guests will be fascinated by items they have never seen before. Your accommodation business will be known for offering the gadgets of startup companies that aim to improve people’s lives. Furthermore, you earn commission by only presenting extraordinary gadgets.

That is a simple risk-free strategy. If you have enough space in your lobby then go for it, and look for startup company that fits you. It is that simple to improve your image, offer your guests something special and make them curious. By presenting awesome gadgets to your guests you are establishing a new magical moment at the same time. As soon as your guests have questions about the gadgets you have the great opportunity to start a conversation and get to know your guests better. By answering questions you can build guest relationships simultaneously. As you can see, this strategy has a lot of value and you never know where this path will lead.

In short:

• Startup companies are open to cooperation

• Startup companies are enthusiastic for opportunities

• Startup companies are easy to convince if the benefits of a cooperation are well presented

• Your guests will be curious about the interesting gadgets

• You impress your guests simply by presenting new tools in your lobby

• Word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are created for you

• You establish an additional income source

• It is a win-win-situation for everyone involved

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