How to reduce costs

How to reduce costs

One of the biggest factors that decreases your costs is using LEDs instead of ordinary lightning. By switching to LEDs you will definitely save a lot of money throughout the year.

You just have to make sure that the colour of the LED is as nice or nicer as before. Take your time in choosing the right colour so that your guests and you do not get frustrated while staying in your accommodation. The colour of the light can have a big effect on a person’s mood.

Your grocery shopping for your breakfast play a big role in the sum of your costs as well. You need to have a talk with the wholesale company where you purchase your groceries. Let the owner or manager know what kind of business you have, how many times you purchase groceries in a week and approximately how much money you spend every month. If the owner or manager does not want to provide you with any discounts you should change the wholesale company immediately. Grocery wholesale companies can almost always provide discounts and for regular customers there is no question about it.

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In regard to your cleaning detergents you need to do some quality research. There are many companies out there that offer various products. Here, it is not only important to find detergents that are cheap, but that have the right quality. If you compare products and you find some that that are cheaper than the ones that you are using right now, you need to test them out. Provide the new detergents that you found on the net to your cleaning staff and ask them afterwards which products they prefer. Your cleaning staff know which products are useful and which are useless, as they are the ones that are using the detergents every single day.

The supplier of your bathroom items makes up a big number on your balance sheet. As such, choosing the right supplier has advantages for your income and for your guests. There are companies that offer everything that guests need in their bathroom and there are those that only offer the items that are really necessary. You need to make up your mind and think about the ratings your guests give you, the convenience you want to provide to your guests, the image and quality you want to transmit. What is better for your business in the long run? Offering less items and saving some cents per room, or offering everything that your guests really need, receiving great ratings, being on top of the OTAs, gaining many new guests and becoming one of the best accommodation providers in your town? All you need to do is spend a little more money for the products of the supplier.

If you manage a boutique hotel or an easy-to-grasp accommodation business then you are probably depending on a laundry cleaning service. If you signed a contract with a laundry cleaning company, it might not be too easy to eliminate the service and switch to another. Therefore, first check your contract terms. Ask other companies for quotations, make a test run with the new company, follow up and discuss the terms. As soon as you are ready to change the company make sure that the transfer is going to be very smooth. Your bed linen and towels, etc., are vital for your business. Imagine that you do not have enough bed linen and towels available to prepare your rooms. That would be a disaster and a huge loss. Your reputation would be dismantled and fall apart within a few days. Your guests would understandably be shocked and disappointed.

There are pros and cons of having your own bed linen and towels:


You save a lot of money in the long run

You can use your own products wherever you want to

Your logo is attached to the products

Your guests will know that these products belong to your accommodation

The logo on the products will increase the value of your image


You will have many products to replace after a period of time

Some spots on the material will not fade away

Some guests will steal products from you

You have to order new products from time to time

The investment to obtain your products can be enormous

Bear in mind that if you do not have your own bed linen and towels available, you are really dependent on another company. Think about having a quarrel with your cleaning laundry service. What happens if your cleaning laundry service declares bankruptcy?! Think about some scenarios and make up your mind about which move is best for you.

Maintenance services for your machinery, which are responsible for your air condition, water pumps, heater, and many more, are vital for your business. If one machine breaks down and your accommodation is fully booked, you will have many complaints from your guests in no time. I recommend having maintenance contracts with the companies that installed the machines. Only choose another company that maintains your machines if this company knows exactly what has to be done. Of course, you want to choose a company that is affordable and does a great job, but sometimes it is better to stick to the company that is responsible for the installation of your machine. Believing that you do not need any maintenance contract will leave you in big trouble one day. Experience proves that it is a blessing to be able to call a 24/7 emergency service if there is a machine with a malfunction. These are costs you need to discount from your profits. These costs are difficult to reduce, but they are worth it.

Key cards and ordinary keys are items of an accommodation business that need to be replaced over and over again. Many guests forget to leave them at the reception at check-out and sometimes the receptionists forget to ask for them too. Indeed, these keys often have to be replaced. Therefore, always have a bucket full of keys handy. These costs are inevitable as long as you work with keys instead of door entrance codes for smartphones.

It is always very useful to have at least one washing machine and a dryer in an accommodation business. You never know if guests will have an emergency and will need their clothes the following day due to a business meeting or some other event. Perhaps they lost their bag and the only clothes they have are the ones they are wearing. In regards to a washing machine and a dryer you should not even think about the costs. These machines are a must have for an accommodation business, and will save you and your guests a huge amount of trouble.

A gardener for your green area and terrace is not a must, but is nice to have. As you know, the appearance outside of your building influences your guests’ opinion about your accommodation too. You can take care of your garden by yourself if you enjoy gardening and spend time doing that. And by the way, gardening reduce stress and calms you down. If you have not tried it yet, go ahead and spent one or two hours cutting plants or taking out rampant weeds. It is like going to the gym except you do not push yourself to the limit.

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