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How to make your hotel smell nice and look fresh

How to make your hotel smell nice and look fresh

Guests’ experiences start when you give them a call before their check-in, read an email from you or as soon as they enter your hotel. To make sure that your guests enjoy their stay right at the beginning, you need to be certain that you are prepared for a great check-in and that your hotel smells nice. The smell of your hotel is crucial. A nice smell makes guests feel comfortable, relaxed, pleasant and provokes a feeling of being at home. Moreover, it provides a sense of being at the right place where security and pleasure are given.

To ensure that your entrance / lobby / reception area smells nice you can use some room scent products. There are a hundred different room scent products out there to purchase; just make sure that the product you use is not too strong, as you do not want to overwhelm your new guests with a cloud of smell. The smell should be decent and welcoming. Your guests should feel relaxed and calmed down from a perhaps stressful day.

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Implementing a lovely scent that makes your accommodation smell fresh is one method to present your business as caring and enjoyable. Another great way to demonstrate to your guests that they made the right decision to stay at your place is to decorate specific areas of your accommodation with beautiful flowers.

Flowers are special to many people all around the world. If you place nice flowers in your lobby, close to your reception and even on your terrace you’ll create a completely different picture of your accommodation business than before. People know that flowers are not cheap and that they last only for a couple of days or weeks. It is an investment that only provides pleasure for a couple of days and that’s it. Nevertheless, your guests will recognize it and cherish it enormously.

Flowers will definitely upgrade your accommodation and make it look of higher value. Most of the time flowers are viewable on special occasions - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and so on - but they are not often seen in ordinary accommodations. Of course, 5-star hotels and great resorts have flowers everywhere, but not small boutique hotels. If you choose to use flowers to improve the appearance of your accommodation then you need to be consistent with it. Flowers do not last forever, thus they have be changed regularly.

By and large it is an investment, but to be on the top of your guest’s lists you should think about it.

In short:

- Ask yourself “how does my accommodation smell?”

- Which scent do you want to use?

- How strong should the fresh smell be?

- Where do you want to use the fresh smell?

- Which flowers do you want to use?

- Where do you want to place the flowers?

- How many flowers do you want to use?

- How often do you want to purchase flowers?

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