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How to make your city and your hotel attractive at the same time

How to make your city and your hotel attractive at the same time

If you believe that your city is special enough to be promoted widely, then the following strategy is for you.

To clarify the key-points of this strategy in more depth, I choose Frankfurt am Main (Germany) as a city that has enough value to be promoted by me as a hotel and apartment owner.

Certainly, many questions are popping up in your mind right now. Questions like:

Why do you want to promote your city?

Why invest hard-earned money into advertisements for your city?

What is the advantage of promoting your city?

These are all great questions and I will answer them one by one.

The idea behind this city promotion is to build a connection between your city and your accommodation business.

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Frankfurt am Main is well known all around the world. It is a metropolitan city. It is known for its banks German Bank / Commerzbank, etc., the European Central Bank, the skyline, skyscrapers, the airport called Fraport, Lufthansa, Opera, Sachsenhausen (party area), the main river which is very convenient to go for a walk, and of course Frankfurt Eintracht (a soccer team).

People all around the world know more or less what the city stands for. Accordingly, the city has a well-known image and value. Many foreigners would love to see the city at least once in their life. In fact, Frankfurt am Main is very attractive, and the city has a lot of potential to increase its popularity further. In regard to these facts, it is a great opportunity for me to promote Frankfurt am Main and connect the city with my hotel and apartments.

Imagine your city is a great place to stay for a couple of days and do sightseeing tours, go biking, hiking, fishing and so much more. Your city has the potential to be more famous all around the world. Thus, why not promote your city with all its advantages, adventures, comfort and combine it with your accommodation? As soon as you connect your city with your accommodation, the value and image of your city will be transmitted to your accommodation. People will transmit the beauty and excitement of the city to your accommodation automatically. It is a smooth process if you are presenting your city in an awesome way.

The following statement should be your goal: If people think about my city - they should think about my accommodation as well. As soon as you build this connection, you will not have anything to worry about.

Hence, use the power of your city and transmit it on your accommodation. Combine both valuable establishments (names) and make them into one. For instance: Frankfurt am Main = Prime Hotel 20.

There are various ways to set up an illustrious marketing campaign for this compelling strategy.

Two Marketing Campaign Examples:

1.Create a Facebook Ad

-Choose a fascinating image of your city

-Be wise with your title

-Come up with a description of your city that is compelling and increases the interest of your city

-At the end of your description mention that your accommodation is the best place to stay while being in the city. List all the advantages why your place is the best for it.

Create a slogan that is easy to remember while thinking of your city. A simple slogan could be: Come and visit Los Angeles and stay at Hotel Angelo! Build that connection to add more value to your image and increase your popularity.

2.Google AdWords

• Do the same for Google AdWords - however, here you have many more possibilities. You can create an awesome video about your city and your hotel and advertise it on YouTube. You can advertise on various travel blogs and other display networks that fit your audience.

The main goal of promoting your city is to increase your visibility and establish that powerful connection to gain value and be perceived as a superior accommodation.

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