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How to increase your image by offering more languages

How to increase your image by offering more languages

One of the best ways to attract more guests from all around the world is by offering many different languages on your website, booking engine, app, via email and of course on the phone. Offering a variety of languages at your accommodation is very beneficial to your business. People from a foreign country that do not speak a different language than their native tongue do not want to stay in an accommodation that is unable to communicate with them. The more languages you offer, the more new customers you will attract. Indeed, it is comfortable for a foreigner to enjoy the stay even more by speaking in their native language.

Having staff that are able to communicate in almost every language is an accommodation powerhouse. It transmits how much effort the business puts into serving their guests. A business is only offering so many languages to their customers if they really want to communicate with them and serve them in every aspect. Speaking a foreign language has a lot of value; the more languages you speak or offer, the more value you or your business has.

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In regard to the languages you offer in your accommodation, think about the question any booking portal asks you: “which languages do you speak in your accommodation”. The more languages you select, the more reservations you will have from guests that speak these languages. For example, we speak German, English, Spanish and Hindi in our hotel. Accordingly, we have many guests where these languages are spoken. It is obvious that as soon as we offer Italian we will have many more Italian guests as well.

Look at languages as a kind of luxury. There are not many people that speak more than two languages fluently. The more languages you speak, the more value you have. As soon as you integrate that into your business, it will automatically have more value from one day to another. Consequently, think about employing people from different nations that can provide you with these values if you are not eager to learn all different languages by yourself.

Besides speaking in different languages, you need to offer different languages on your website and on your documents as well. For instance, your “hotel info map”, which I have discussed a couple of times, has to be in different languages as well.

Your registration form which your guests have to fill out at check-in should be in different languages. Providing these essential materials creates more comfort for your customers. Imagine you have a registration form only in your native language yet your guests do not speak that language at all. The guests will feel very uneasy immediately and they will need to ask you for support. That creates an invisible pain. In addition, that is not the way to make a perfect check-in and gain great reviews. The check-in process has to be very smooth and each magical moment that you are granted in your accommodation business has to be grasped.

In short:

• Offering a variety of languages increases the value of your business

• Speaking in your guests’ native language provides comfort

• Your business will appear much more professional

• Your guests will trust you faster

• Through more languages, you attract more guests around the world

• Your accommodation business will rank higher by offering more languages

• Translate your documents and “hotel info map” into different languages as well

• Be aware of your perfect check-in process and have your magical moments in mind

• To receive more great reviews, make sure that your guests do not feel uneasy while checking in

• Become an accommodation powerhouse by offering a variety of languages, and your business will automatically become more attractive

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