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How a shuttle service can 10x your business

How a shuttle service can 10x your business

A shuttle service is a unique service. Guests love shuttle services. A shuttle service is an absolute magnet for your accommodation business. The following lines will explore this phenomenon.

The majority of people love to obtain gifts and special services for free. There are people who like to negotiate and others who only ask for a discount. Some people are happy if they receive a $3 discount and others are only content when they obtain more than a 10% discount. Accordingly, most of your guests will appreciate it if you have a shuttle service picking them up and taking them to specific places.

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If you have international guests and they arrive at the airport, you can be certain that they will love to get a shuttle service from the airport to your accommodation. It does not have to be free of charge, though it should be cheaper than Uber or a taxi. A shuttle service is a special service that not every accommodation business offers. With such a service your accommodation business will be a shining star in your city.

Picking up your guests from the airport is one great service; in addition, bringing your guests to the convention centre, the central station or to the city centre is another home run. Having this service in place will definitely enhance your online reviews, ratings and of course the experience of your guests.

By the way, a shuttle service generates income for your business as well. First and foremost, it will uplift the quantity of your reservations.

-Your occupancy will increase

-Your ranking on OTAs will improve

-You receive much better reviews and feedback

-You guests will do word-of-mouth marketing for you

-Advertisements on your car increases the curiosity and attention of locals and non-locals

-Your image becomes one of a kind

-The perception of your brand changes to a more luxurious one

Once you decided to offer a shuttle service you need to choose the right vehicle.

To make a really big impression on all people that see your car, you should choose a stretch limousine. A stretch limousine is eye-catching and not common. I guess you can count on one hand how many people have a stretch limousine in your city. With a stretch limousine you are doing great marketing and offering your guests an unforgettable experience. Indeed, there are many people that have never been in a stretch-limousine in their life.

If you want to offer your guests an upper-class feeling but you do not want to show off, then choose an ordinary limousine from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or even Tesla. The car should look elegant, decent and not eye-catching. The car should transmit your brand values. Make sure the car is always clean inside and outside. Put advertisements on the car too, otherwise you are wasting a great opportunity to gain new guests while driving around.

If you are a more practical person, then you should choose a shuttle bus that looks nice and transports more than eight people. A shuttle bus makes more sense if you have a hotel with more than 50 rooms available. Though it does not enormously increase your brand image, it absolutely fulfils its purpose. Here too, you need to put advertisements on the bus to leverage its full potential.

Either way, as soon as you offer a shuttle service your reservations will come in automatically. You will differentiate yourself from one day to another from your competitors.

In short:

• Offering a shuttle service will boost your business

• Decide which vehicle you offer

• Advertise on your vehicle

• Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience

• Use your shuttle service to give your brand a more luxurious meaning

• Harness the full potential by offering a shuttle service

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