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Create your own personal city guide

Create your own personal city guide

To be unique, you need to do something unique. Differentiating yourself from your competitors is not always that easy, but in general there are ways to make it possible. One method to make a fabulous impression on your guests and improve your brand awareness is by providing your guests with your own city guide.

Imagine that whilst doing a check-in you provide your guests your own city guide as a gift. Your guests will be surprised and accept it with pleasure. Although there are many city guides out there, all of them are financed through advertisement. Preferably, you’ll make an interesting city guide that seems to be more personal. Let your guests know where you like to have lunch or dinner. Tell your guests where other guests went for lunch and dinner. Fill the city guide with pictures of your staff, guests, and you. Create a city guide that is fun to read and adorable to have. At the end you should present your guests with a city guide that stays with them for a long period of time. The city guide should be something to hold on to and keep as a reminder. The more personal information you integrate, the more special it becomes. Insert everything that you believe is important.

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• Window shopping

• Shopping malls

• Shops

• Parking garage

• Where to get tasty sweets, coffee, snacks

• Where to get to know local people in an instant

• Where to go for a walk

Mention locations where you like to go. By providing this information you give your guests the possibility to escape the ordinary crowded tourist areas. As such, your guests can experience how to enjoy a day as a local. You can even go so far as to outline a whole day’s activities for them, from waking up to going to sleep. If you are eager to go the extra mile and ensure a lasting impression, create a week’s plan. That makes more sense in the long run and you’ll save yourself a lot of time otherwise spent answering FAQs.

A city guide does not have to be in paper based form anymore; you can switch to an app as well. You can create an app with Appsheet, which is easy to set up and inexpensive. An app has many advantages to stay connected with your guests for a long time. (think about special offers, events, invitations, updates…).

Your own app can be a game-changer for your business. First of all, it is accessible through the main platforms, the App Store and Google Play. You can reach a wider audience and perhaps sooner or later you can expand your business by not just providing a room per night. This app could be the beginning of a new business adventure for you.

In short:

• Provide your guests with something special that has a personal touch of your prior guests and you

• Use your city guide or city app as an image booster

• Create a gadget that lasts

• Use this gadget to stay connected with your guests

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