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Aim for the best ratings, look at the worst ratings

Aim for the best ratings, look at the worst ratings

Reviews on online travel agencies are responsible for millions of reservations during a year. Before people make a decision of where to stay for their next trip they read reviews. It is obvious that people who stayed in a specific accommodation and left feedback on an OTA are providing their own opinion and experience. It is quite interesting to read through them to make up your own picture. Reviews have an extraordinary power to convince potential new guests to make a reservation in your accommodation or not. Thus, it is crucial to aim for the best reviews you can obtain for your business.

However, reviews have much more potential. They not only support people who are looking for a great place to stay in making the right decision, but also support accommodation businesses as well. Despite the fact that a great rating will catapult an accommodation to the top of an OTA, there is more that you can do to benefit from reviews of other hotels.

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To improve your reviews and to achieve ten points out of ten on OTAs for your accommodation business, you need to look at and analyse the reviews of your competitors. You need to know what their guests love about their services and what they hate. As soon as you know what their guests love about them, you can try to implement it in your business. In addition, as soon as you realize what their guests do not like about them, you make sure that you do not make the same mistakes or offer the same services.

By and large, use the reviews on TripAdvisor, and HRS as your guidelines to improve your business and to make sure you receive only great feedback. You need to learn from the reviews and use the data wisely to reach your goal. The answer to the question “how do I improve my rating” is available online 24/7. You only need to block some time to go through the best and worst ratings of various hotels around you.

Becoming one of the best hotels in your town is definitely possible, but you need to do something for it. It is not enough to provide beautiful, clean, and eye-catching rooms. You need to go the extra mile to make your dream come true.

Look at reviews as a secret information source to boost your accommodation business. Once you see the good and bad ratings of other accommodation business you will automatically know what you have to do right away.

In short:

- Take out a journal

- Look at your reviews on OTAs

- Analyse the good and bad ratings of your competitors

- Write down what their guests like about them

- Write down what their guests do not like about them

- Make a list of what you need to change to boost your ratings

- After a few months, follow-up and analyse the results

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