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How to become one of the best accommodation businesses in your town in just 16 weeks!



*Made in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

If you do not see an improvement in your accommodation business within 16 weeks after implementing all of my strategies. I will return 100% of your investment. 

***Limited Spots Available***

Increase your O.T.A. rating, occupancy rate, revenue, profitability, improve guest satisfaction, and enhance your property's reputation.

Obtain the METHODS and TOOLS required to elevate your accommodation to the top-tier in your city.

In addition, It will lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.





By utilising these profound techniques, you can eliminate your worries about generating enough revenue from guests to cover your fixed expenses.

Update: Due to demand and the close attention/communication required, I can only work with select few at a given time.

With each week of the "16-Week Accommodation Intensifier", you will enhance your performance through step-by-step guidelines.
If you follow along, you'll speed up your path to success.

...these are just four weeks out of 16.

 Each chapter will be a deepeningDay by day and week by week we will put everything togetherAt the end of the 16 weeks, your empire will stand on a NEW SOLID FUNDAMENTBUILT FOR SUCCESS!

 You will only use methods and tools that have a long track record providing great and fast results. Targeted results can be seen within short weeks, even before you finish the 16-week program.

 Your new potential guests will be impressed by the expertise you bring to the table from the very first contact.  

 A simple but ingenious tactic will ease your new potential guests' doubts, build trust in you and lead to reservations.

 Necessary small changes to your website will bring you up in the search engines. This will give you more inquiries and increase your occupancy rate.

 Your O.T.A. rating will improve if you follow the procedure described and mention words that guests like to hear.

It's worth investing in 16 weeks packed with strategies, tools, guides, online courses and secret information to put your business on a solid path to success that will last for years.

Imagine if you don't. What path will your company take?

Brief look at some pillars necessary for a successful accommodation business:

 Online Presence: Having a strong online presence, including a website and social media profiles, is essential in today's digital age.

 High-Quality Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service is essential for building a loyal customer base and attracting new customers.

 Attention to Detail: Guests appreciate when a business takes care of the small details, such as cleanliness and organisation.

 Effective Marketing: A successful accommodation business must have a strong marketing plan.

 Efficient Operations: Streamlining operations can help increase profits, reduce costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

 Strong Reputation: A positive reputation is essential for attracting and retaining customers, as well as attracting potential business partners and investors.

There are about a dozen other pillars covered in the 16-week program. Unfortunately, many accommodation owners do not have even half of the pillars to keep their business running in a rapidly changing economy without difficulty and constant worry.

What you really need is an invincible / proven concept used on a daily basis:  

  • to help someone who knows nothing about you make a reservation at your accommodation in minutes...
  • a website enough to entice the reader to give you a call or make a reservation right away... that is compelling, informative, educational, and engaging
  • light a fire that makes the potential new guest desperate to spend a night at your accommodation...
  • ​fall in love with your accommodation right at "check-in" or even before...
  • ​be impressed by your unique welcome... 
  • and finally enjoy new reservations by recommendation...

Built For Success

The 16-Week Accommodation Intensifier is designed to provide you with world-class knowledge that can make a critical difference in your current business.

Long Track Records 

All how-to guides, strategies, and tools were first tested, twisted, retested, implemented in our own accommodations, and then adopted by others.


By thoroughly learning, scrutinising, testing, and implementing the provided expertise in our 16-Week program, and then personalising it to your organisation's specific needs, your entire team can go the extra mile and achieve exceptional results.

No Limits

Once you see that O.T.A. ratings are great, occupancy rates are up, and profits are skyrocketing, you can expand or invest in new businesses.

By prioritising this program over the next 16 weeks, you can build your empire on profound pillars.   


We've gone the extra mile and invested our time to help you take a shortcut and reach your goals much faster.

When You Say "YES" To The 16-Week Accommodation Intensifier Today, You Will Get:  

16-Week Accommodation Intensifier Program + Welcome Package ($4997 Value)

Included in your Welcome Package is the "Holy Grail" of the Accommodation Business, which serves as the foundation for the 16-Week Accommodation Intensifier Program.

This invaluable resource will offer guidance not only throughout the 16-week curriculum but also

16 week Accommodation Intensifier

Pimp MY Hotel Course ($397 Value)

This course by Raj Pal S. Kharabanda provides a systematic plan for establishing a successful accommodation business that you can readily replicate and put into action.

By following the blueprint, you can turn your guests into loyal customers and consistently earn excellent reviews.

Additionally, this course complements the 16-week program.

Viral Direct Booking Method ($397 Value)

Raj Pal S. Kharabanda's course uncovers the strategies to boost your direct bookings via social media. To lower your payments to O.T. agencies, you must become proficient in social media or, at a minimum, have a sound comprehension of which online channels can influence your business.

Moreover, this course presents a diverse array of innovative concepts that enable you to provide instant delight to your guests while using it as an advertising tool.

Cleaning Mastery Course ($197 Value)

Raj Pal S. Kharabanda demonstrates a comprehensive method for ensuring your guests are provided with tidy and hygienic rooms.

Through a step-by-step approach, he personally guides you from start to finish on how to effectively clean a room.

Adopting his techniques guarantees that cleanliness will no longer be a concern and negative ratings can be avoided.

Notably, Raj Pal's online cleanliness rating on booking.com consistently exceeds 9.3.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a memorable experience for your guests by following his expert advice. 

Hotel Info Map PSD ($297 Value)

Raj Pal's investment of 300€ in the design of the Hotel Info Map was a wise decision. Having a hotel information map in each room is essential for guests to orient themselves in an unfamiliar environment. It provides guests with valuable information such as the hotel's amenities, restaurants, and directions to nearby attractions, which can improve their overall experience during their stay.

However, not having a hotel information map in each room can have negative consequences for hotel managers as well. Without this vital resource, guests may have difficulty finding their way around the hotel, leading to an increase in guest complaints and inquiries. This can place a burden on hotel staff, who may have to spend more time assisting guests instead of focusing on other important tasks. Moreover, without an information map, guests may be unaware of the hotel's services and amenities, leading to underutilization of these facilities and a missed opportunity for generating additional revenue. Overall, the Hotel Info Map is an investment that can lead to an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue for hotel managers.

Group Zoom Calls ($1997 Value)

You will have the opportunity to have live Zoom calls (or replays) with Raj Pal. During these calls, he will discuss each weekly chapter. This coaching experience with Raj Pal is one of the finest you can expect to receive for your guest house(s).

Throughout the sessions, you can expect to receive a variety of insightful tips and golden nuggets that you won't find anywhere else online. This coaching will provide you with valuable knowledge and expertise that can help you improve your business operations and enhance the guest experience.

Zoom Calls

You're gazing at a bundle of insightful knowledge that has been rigorously tested and implemented in various accommodations.

The information contained in this package is guaranteed to take your business to the next level, resulting in better guest ratings, higher occupancy rates, and increased profits.

Additionally, you'll save valuable time as some strategies are specifically designed to yield immediate, impressive results.

This comprehensive package easily exceeds a value of $8,000... but we're not even going to charge half that amount. In fact, it'll be much more affordable! :-)

Dear Accommodation Owner / Manager,

I understand that running an accommodation business can be challenging, and making important decisions can be daunting.

However, I believe that the decision to join our 16-Week Accommodation Intensifier Program is one that will be beneficial to both - your business and everyone involved.

By taking this step today, you will be providing your guests with an exceptional experience that goes above and beyond their expectations.

The program is designed to equip accommodation owners / managers with the tools and resources they need to enhance their business operations, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Have you ever come across a program as profound as this that can elevate your accommodation business to the next level?

Apply today and witness positive results pour in within the next 16 weeks.


Gain fresh perspectives

Let us expose you to new ideas, concepts, and strategies that you may not have considered before.


Boost profitability

Identify areas where costs can be reduced, revenue can be increased, and new revenue streams can be identified.


Access to resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the hospitality industry.


Is your booking.com rating 8 or above?!

If your booking.com rating meets or exceeds 8, we cordially invite you to join our prestigious 8pointsup.com - Club. As a valued member, you will receive customised weekly challenges aimed at enhancing the quality of your accommodation business.

Should your rating fall below 8, we recommend either enrolling in our 16-Week Accommodation Intensifier Program or taking our online courses one after the other.

Take Action

Commit to taking action and making the necessary changes. Do it today!

If you don't...who will do it for you?

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