Frequently Asked Questions

 What do I get?

You get instant access to the "90 Day Activation Challenge" plus bonuses. The course is filled with specific assignments and worksheets to progress in areas like mental clarity, life purpose, mindful performance and embodied presence.

 What can I expect?

You can expect to be much more mindful of your thoughts. Negative thoughts won't drop an anchor easily anymore. Bad moods will come less often. You will shift your focus from your past and future to your present.

 When will I see a transformation?

Everyone is different. However, if you commit to completing your assignments one after the other without interruptions, you will experience and feel a difference within one month.

 How long does it take to finish the course?

How fast do you want to transform? It is up to you. Ask yourself how bad you want to live the life you deserve. To fully understand the assignments and dive deep into the materials and the topics that arise, should take you around one month. However, we believe you should walk through this course within 90 days so that you become resolute and determined to continue your ongoing transformation.